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Chad Hamrin In Depth Teacher Training

Be Yoga Studio is proud to have Chad back to Norway OSLO to share his wisdom, knowledge and expertise.

Welcome all Yoga teachers & longtime students of yoga. Although you have been practicing for many years and looking at yourself as an intermediate student - you must also remind yourself that you are, first and foremost, a student of yoga - and that the practice must be practiced with an experienced teacher who have also been practicing for a long time and is a student of an experienced teacher. Be Yoga Studio and Chad Hamrin welcome you to this In Depth Teacher Training where you will be able to ask questions, see students and go even deeper into the asana understanding, the energetic relationships and the appreciation of the system of yoga through Patanjalis Yoga Sutras.. Who is The Teacher - of this training ?? Chad Hamrin, A master teacher from Los Angeles, USA. Chad has been teaching at Yoga Works US for decades and started his teaching career under the supervision of Alan Finger, Chuck Miller and Erich Shiffman. Chad brings a huge wealth of experience from over 50 years of a life with martial arts, yoga, meditation, body work, energetics, life challenges, meditation and more... "In 1967 I became involved with the Martial Arts. I wasn’t aware of it as an art at that time. I entered as a shy, angry teenager and trained hard for a good number of years before I got to the artful part. That eventually led to an understanding that was carried over into my studies of yoga and bodywork. - There is always a deeper place to go if you are open to it. - I studied many styles of Martial Arts and they all came around to a still point within; the same with studying the many systems of yoga and bodywork. It was wonderful to realize that this was a dharma experience. No need to hurry. Settle in and enjoy. After over 50 years of study and practice with many, many, many teachers, I’m still amazed at the depth of the Yoga Journey. I teach from a place where there’s a journey open to all, called life. Yoga helps us to be more open and present in our journey. I teach to simplify and to hopefully inspire each student to be open to their own journey, open to both the struggles and the joys, and to find a place of deep gratitude instead of perfection. I don’t really have a style, I have a practice, and it becomes intuitively presented through the teaching or sharing. One doesn’t really teach someone something; the art is to create a circumstance that they get. That’s the joy, a connection to something deeper that they have found." Chad Hamrin lives and teaches in the US, he travels internationally and teaches training, immersions, workshops and retreats. Chad Hamrin was one of Maty Ezraty (YogaWorks Founder) and Ulrica Norberg (ISHTA Yoga) Teachers ..- and now we can be inspired and learn from one of the more authentic voices of yoga.

Chad will offers new content for your mind and teaching and share more insight around the practice of yoga and the art of living mindful. This Teacher Training is perfect for any student who wish to broaden and deepen one's yoga practice and understanding of the architecture of the yoga and yoga asana We will dive deep into seeing your students and the students individual needs. We will dive deeper into the yogic experience and strengthen your personal, daily practice .. Yoga asanas will be explored from moment to moment in a supportive, encouraging, and communal environment.

- With this experienced and well renowned teacher- Chad will reflective, wisely and highly exploratory -guide you to listen and reflect on your individual experience to refine your practice and encounter profound breakthroughs.

HOW IS IT ORGANIZED? 50 hour Teacher Training May 8 th through May 12 th 2023 8am-5pm 1 hour lunch 28 Hours - Asana Refinement,Use of Props, & Intuitive Practice 12 Hours - Hands On Adjustments & How To See 5 Hours - Philosophy, Intro To Pranayama, & Discussion 5 hour Homework and Daily Home Practice Cost : 9 900,-

Where ?? Be Yoga Studio Solheimveien 28 Same building as Baby Shop & Sigdal Kitchen our entrance is on the backside of the building and we are in the 3. floor 15 min with car from Oslo City Train Station 25 min with bus from Oslo City Train Station Contact us for Hotel / AirBnb recommendation

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