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300-Hour Professional Yoga Teacher Training

For graduates of a 200-Hour training, YogaWorks offers an advanced 300-Hour program designed for students to master their skills. This program is a modular format, separated into 3-modules: Subtle Body & Philosophy, Asana & Teaching Skills, and Apprenticeship. Students can enroll in the full program and will graduate with a 300-Hour RYS certificate or can enroll in the individual modules as continuing education experiences.

Each module is based on advanced course material, where students will delve deeper into specific subject matters, refine their teaching skills, identify their area of expertise and set the foundation to master yoga as a life path. This unique professional yoga teacher training is primarily oriented around a strong and in-depth mentor-apprenticeship relationship.


Click here to learn more about the YogaWorks Yoga Teacher Training and what sets us apart.


Module 1:
Ayurveda // Chakra
//Subtle Body

10 days // (5 days, 2 days off, 5 days)


8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.


Oslo, Norway


Chakras, Ayurveda & Philosophy

Led by world-renowned and senior YogaWorks Teacher Trainer, Jeanne Heileman, this 100-Hour workshop will explore the depths of yogic philosophy  and the aspects of yoga that go beyond Asana. You will dive deep into areas related to the subtle body including chakras, tantra yoga, ayurveda,  and pranayama, meditation, history of yoga, and ancient yogic texts. You will grow your knowledge in these topics as well as learn valuable teaching  applications.


This workshop training is open to aspiring teachers and serious students of yoga. Graduation from a 200-Hour Training is not required for  this workshop.

Get to know your Teacher.



Jeanne Heileman specializes in discovering the needs of an individual and gently guiding each student to their own grace and balance.

She creates a safe haven for students to dive deep, find their edge, and transform. Jeanne teaches with sensitivity, generosity of spirit and a good dose of humor. Founder of Tantra Flow Yoga, Jeanne brings together her years of studies and teaching skills into a style of yoga inclusive of asana, Ayurveda, mindfulness, with the added focus of the poses’ energy.

She was introduced to yoga as a dancer and actress. Facing ongoing pain from scoliosis, yoga allows her tools for physical realignment and acceptance of difficulties.
In her quest for a deep and meaningful connect with all that yoga has to offer, she studied extensively in Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara, ParaYoga, Vini and Trantra Yoga; each adding a deeper element of meaning to her practice and teachings. Jeanne – 500-ERYT, ParaYoga Level II certified teacher, YogaWorks senior teacher – tours internationally teaching teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats. Learn more about Jeanne Heileman at

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Module 2:
100-Hour Asana &
Teaching Skills

10 days // (5 days, 2 days off, 5 days)


8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.


Oslo, Norway

Deepen Asana Knowledge & Enhance Your Teaching Skills.

Led by senior YogaWorks Teacher Trainer, Anne Van Valkenburg, this 100-Hour workshop will advance your understanding of the fundamentals of asana  and enhance your teaching skills.Build upon what you learned in your 200-hour and go deeper into the following areas: Standing Poses, Inversions,  Forward Bends, Arm Balances, Advanced Asana, Vinyasa Flow and Restoratives.Each topic will include an in depth practice and how to teach  adjustments, modifications and variations. In addition, refine your sequencing and cueing skills. Topics include how to teach yoga to special populations like beginners, prenatal yoga, injury management and more

Get to know your Teacher

Anne Van Valkenburg started practicing yoga in 1999 and has been teaching at YogaWorks since 2003.

She teaches public classes and personal clients in Los Angeles, and travels nationally and internationally teaching the YogaWorks 200-Hour and 300-Hour Teacher Training programs.


The heart of Anne’s teaching is alignment-based Vinyasa taught with thematic sequences that tell a story and that challenge students to slow down.
Anne is passionate about teaching the nuts and bolts of the physical practice, as well as weaving in the philosophy of the “Eight Limbs of Yoga.”
She enjoys creating a space for students where they can define their own meaning of yoga.

Anne hopes to inspire students to look beyond the physical and to use the whole practice of yoga as a means to deepen the connection with one’s true self. “
Ultimately yoga teaches us to go inward, and by creating an attitude of santosha, or contentment, we are able to embrace all of the parts of our self and can harmonize with the world around us. We can be grateful for not just one thing, but everything. The practice of yoga teaches us how to live with an open heart and with a willingness to dig deeper.”

Learn more about Anne Van Valkenburg at


Module 3:
100-Hour Apprenticeship

82054968_483054122590165_239704280863342592_n (3).jpg


Meets for 8 Mentor Meetings

Sundays | 2:00 - 5:00p.m.



Assist 16 Classes (1x a week) with Jannice Strand
Attend 16 Class
Final Project and Homework Assignments



Be Yoga Studio
Oslo, Norway



Refine your teaching and assisting

In this 6-month apprenticeship under the guidance of your mentor, Jannice Strand, you will refine your assisting and teaching skills, learn the business  of yoga and how to work with privates, and discover your area of expertise to help you master yoga as a life path.

The apprenticeship includes 8 mentor meetings (24 hours total), assisting class once a week with Jannice Strand (16 classes), and taking 16 additional classes. 

Get to know your teacher

Jannice is the general manager and owner of Be Yoga Studio, a yoga  teacher, 500 E-RYT YogaWorks certified trainer, and a dedicated yoga student for life. In her classes you may experience being taken out of the comfort zone and challenged in balance and strength - physically and mentally.
Jannice Strand has assisted in more than 600 hours of YogaWorks Teacher Training and has completed additional training including:

-DEN Meditation Teacher Training 400 hh
-T. Krishnamacharya Vini Yoga TT, Ayurveda study (RYT -700 hours)
-Yoga Medicine (RYT 100-hours Tiffany Cruikshank
-Tantra TT (RYT 100-hour) med Jeanne Heilman
-Yin TT Bernie Clark 20 hours
-Anatomi Training med Judith Hanson Lasater 
-Women's Moon Cycle and its effects with Jo Tastula
-AcroYoga Solar og Lunar with Erica Montes
-In depth study chakra, bandhas & mudra (75-timers) med Dr. Kausthub Decikashar, TKV Desikachars sønn
-1 års in depth study BKS Iyengar Oslo Iyengar
-Pranayama Workshop med Shri O.P. Tiwari
-1 week tibetansk buddhisme med Dolpo Tulki Rainpoche
-4 weeks Yoga in depth with Maty Ezraty
-Ashtanga TT with Sonu Navdeep Kumar
-Meditaion study Karma Tashi Ling Buddhist Society, Karma Kagyu tradition Tibetan Buddhism

Jannice discovered her light inside with yoga in 2001 and on this path she loves to inspire others to see their light <3

Jannice Strand_Be Yoga Studio.jpg


Be Yoga Studio
Solheimsveien 28
1473 Lorenskog, Oslo
15 min with car from Oslo City (free parking)
25 min with the bus from Oslo Bussterminal

30 min from Gardermoen with car



Tuition must be paid in full by the early registration date to receive the discounted rate.
Payment Plans available off the full price plus a $50 admin fee (50% of tuition must received one week before start date).


Individual modules can be sold separetly as continuing education workshops. To enroll in only one or two of the modules please  Contact us for more details.



To enroll in the full 300-Hour program, student are required to be a graduate of a 200-Hour YogaWorks teacher training or complete the 75-Hour Bridge program. To enroll in an individual module as continuing education, students are required to be a graduate of a 200-hour RYS yoga alliance approved teacher training, with the exception of Module 1: Subtle Body & Philosophy.



Be Yoga is a non-competitive environment for all levels of yoga practice. We offer specialized classes and private lessons, teacher training, courses and workshops in a variety of styles. We promise highly qualified classes and we try to satisfy each individual’s needs in all of our classes. Our teachers are knowledgeable and experienced in their field, and share accurate, detailed guidance to all. We believe that everyone has the opportunity to practice and blossom with yoga. Our intention is to provide you with tools and techniques that can be used to raise your awareness of body, mind and inner self; to create a positive balance that will strengthen self-perception, as well as your social and environmental relationships.


Students are welcomed at Be Yoga Studio to start for the first time, or to further develop their practice of yoga. Use our studio as a haven, or a step back from daily distraction. Spend time in prayer at the studio as a time to focus on you; a time to be present, to let your inner self reach the surface. Experience an open heart, healthy body and more clarity in mind. Be you, be true, be yoga! To learn more about the studio, click here.

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