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Teacher Training

Learn to Teach, Teach to Learn

A time-tested curriculum and industry-leading teachers, YogaWorks offers best-in-class yoga teacher trainings.

Why You Should Choose YogaWorks Teacher Training..

Groundbreaking Program

Our comprehensive yoga teacher training curriculum has been carefully refined over 30 years to offer a fully interactive, dynamic experience. It is a mindful blend of Eastern and Western yoga teachings, paired with practical modern applications. Our unique approach goes beyond poses – it is anchored in a deep understanding of the body and biomechanics.

Empowered Sequencing

Yoga teacher training should never be about memorizing a rigid sequence. Our program framework honors traditional lineage while encouraging fluidity and freedom of expression. You will learn skillful Vinyasa sequencing built on a foundation of artful cueing, advanced Asana study, an understanding of anatomy, and the philosophical underpinnings of yoga. All our graduates know how to use creative, well-rounded sequencing to inspire others.

Our Experienced Faculty is Here to Guide You

YogaWorks teachers are expertly-trained educators that are passionate about making yoga accessible to every body. They’ve been featured in international publications, led sold-out workshops and retreats, and shared their love of yoga all around the world.

No matter which instructor you have at YogaWorks, you’ll be learning from an industry-leading yoga trainer. Each member of our yoga teacher training team has hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of training. You’ll be led by and learn from this immense wellspring of expertise.

Our trainers are also highly skilled at teaching in both online and in-person formats. With YogaWorks you can pursue your yoga teacher certification with confidence and ease.

Transformational Relationships

Our yoga teacher trainings support individual inquiry alongside profound group interactions. You will be supported and empowered with tools that facilitate personal growth and deeper, more authentic connections with others. We want you to take your yoga off the mat as you develop new and lasting friendships and a renewed sense of acceptance for yourself.

What Style is YogaWorks?

We are a Vinyasa-based school, focusing on a method that balances precise instruction, detailed alignment, breath, and fluid movement. Classes can be either moderately or vigorously paced and are carefully themed to deepen the students’ experience of Yoga. A flow of Sun Salutations and postures is skillfully sequenced, and modifications and props are used to individualize the practice for each student.

At YogaWorks, we have been leading yoga teacher training in this clear and effective style of practice for over 30 years and have trained some of the world’s most celebrated Yogis. Our program is considered the most respected program in Teacher Training with over 15,000 graduates in over 20 countries.

What will I learn in YogaWorks Teacher Training?

During your yoga instructor certification course, you will study how to:

  • Perform poses in a safe and intelligent way (Asana)

  • Use modifications, variations, and props to maintain alignment

  • Design dynamic, effective, and intelligent sequences for all levels

  • Work with different kinds of bodies and students

  • Observe bodies in practice

  • Work with injuries, pregnancies, and limitations

  • Practice teaching

  • Implement Pranayama, or breathing techniques

  • Translate some Sanskrit

  • Share and teach the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  • Be successful as a teacher and business owner

What if I don`t want to be a Yoga Teacher..?

No problem! Many people have other personal reasons they are pursuing a yoga teacher certification.

Our 200-hour YTT is ideal for those who want to delve deeper into the study of yoga and improve their own practice. It’s also great for students who simply want to have a transformational experience and to be a part of our thriving Yoga Community.

Is YogaWorks Teacher Training recognized around the world..?

Yes! The YogaWorks Yoga Teacher Training is globally recognized, which is why we have over 10,000 graduates.

Our students come from all over the U.S. and all over the world to take our training and to bring the knowledge back home to their own communities. However, it is always prudent to check in your country if there are any specific yoga instructor certification requirements.

Yvonne Stovner

"Jeg er så takknemlig for at jeg valgte YogaWorks og Jannice som lærer, da det har vært en fantastisk fin reise, både emosjonelt, fysisk, mentalt og spirituelt. Denne utdannelsen kan jeg absolutt anbefale til de som ønsker å bli Yogalærer, og til dere som ikke tenker på å bli lærer ;) da denne utdananningen er en verktøykasse for både kropp & sjel. "

Intensive Teacher Trainer

Hi, my name is Anne Van Valkenburg

I have been a yoga student since 1999 and a teacher since 2003. For over 16 years, I have taught public classes and private clients in Los Angeles and traveled nationally and internationally, teaching the Yoga Works 200-Hour and 500-Hour Teacher Training Programs. I have been teaching in Hawaii and online for the past two years.

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What recent grads are saying...

Ingelin Moe.jpeg
"The professional level is high and as a physiotherapist I can strongly recommend this education. After the education, you have acquired knowledge that you can not only use as a yoga teacher, but also in everyday life, in meetings with other people and in working with yourself."

Ingelin Moe, Physiotherapist & Yoga Teacher



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Our Story

Our founders Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, and Alan Finger were inspired to create a community where everyone was welcome to practice yoga and learn from the best.

In 1987 they opened the first YogaWorks studio in Santa Monica, CA, quickly becoming known for gathering the best yoga instructors and many styles of yoga under one roof. 


  • A refund (minus a 10% + VAT admin fee NOK 5000,-) will be made for cancellations made more than 30 days before the start date.

  • For cancellations less than 30 days before the course or workshop there will be no refunds or transfers unless: the course/ workshop is full and your place can be filled from a waiting list.
    - In this case we will refund the fee, minus a 20% + VAT admin fee NOK 5000,-. All clients are asked to agree to Yogaworks terms and conditions upon booking a course or workshop.

  • If a course or workshop is canceled you will be offered either a cash refund or the option of being transferred to an alternative event.

    -We will not be responsible for any additional expenses which you may have incurred in respect of the course, including travel, accommodation or exchange rate losses.

    -We are unable to give refunds in the case of canceled transport (trains, airplanes etc). Please ensure you take out relevant insurance to protect yourself against this.

Prices include:

  • Tuition and certificate

  • 5 digital manuals

  • 3 months free access to YogaWorks At Home online classes

++ students will receive 12 free access to classes at Be Yoga Studio to be completed during the course.

Students who complete our 200-hour yoga teacher training program will:

  • Deepen their practice and understanding of yoga asana

  • Know how to structure and create a cohesive, well-rounded class

  • Acquire an understanding of yoga philosophy and how to live yoga on and off the mat

  • Build relationships with highly experienced yoga teachers

  • Have the confidence and tools to begin teaching yoga

  • Be qualified to register with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level

  • Have a life changing experience built on community support, authentic relating, and personal transformation



Our program comprises three main areas of study: theory and practice, Yoga philosophy and the art of teaching.



Theory and Practice


The curriculum will include a comprehensive study of the foundations, techniques, and mechanics of fundamental yoga postures with an emphasis on deepening the student’s personal practice, and recognizing and honoring it as the source for inspiration and creative teaching.

Topics include:

Intensive asana study for all types of poses
(seated, standing, supine, inversions, arm balances, restorative, backbends, forward bends, twists)
Functional anatomy and physiology, subtle body anatomy
Principles and practice of pranayama

An overview of subtle body/chakra system


Yoga Philosophy

Over 2,000 years ago, the sage Patanjali described the process of Yoga and movement toward peace and Higher Consciousness in his treatise, “The Yoga Sutras.” Our interactive discussions take an interesting, contemporary and practical approach at examining sutras as they apply to everyday life, that is, the struggles of modern life within the context of relationships. 

The philosophy will transform not only your asana practice but also your life practice, providing tools on how to truly engage in the world both as incredible teachers and humans. Authentic relating cultivates a more refined skillset for deeper connection

The Art of Teaching

The art of teaching is a form of yoga in itself requiring sensitivity, compassion, and practice. A teacher must encourage and inspire, and be sensitive to both the needs of individuals and those of the group. During this course, the practical and subtle aspects involved in teaching include:

  • How to teach mindfully and effectively

  • Use of voice, language and cues, body language

  • The art and science of sequencing

  • How to shape the teachings to suit all practitioners rather than a one-shape-fits-all approach

  • The purpose and use of props: when, where and why it is appropriate to use props (or not)

  • Assisting rather than adjusting

  • Practice teaching and constructive feedback to leave with confidence and skills to teach

Upon graduating, students will receive a certificate of completion that can be used to register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 level and to present to prospective employers.

Direct all inquiries to

“Ultimately yoga teaches us to go inward, and by creating an attitude of santosha, or contentment, we are able to embrace all of the parts of our self and can harmonize with the world around us. We can be grateful for not just one thing, but everything. The practice of yoga teaches us how to live with an open heart and with a willingness to dig deeper.”


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