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The YogaWise Yin Yoga Teacher Training LEVEL 1
(Read more about Level 2 bellow)

Continuing Yoga Alliance Training RY offers an intelligent, practical methodology for teachers & practitioners who seek a counterbalance to the predominant “Yang” styles of yoga, such as Power and Vinyasa.
Yin Yoga shifts the focus from muscular willpower and aesthetic-based postures to a quieting practice that deepens the awareness of our body’s unique structure and energetic potential.


Our Functional Anatomy studies will expose common myths about flexibility, “correct” alignment, and how we interpret pain. On a philosophical level, Yin Yoga’s longer postural holds create an ideal arena for practitioners to integrate mindfulness into their asana practices, thereby soothing the nervous system and laying the foundation for deeper meditative inquiry.

What Is Yin Yoga?
• Yin Yoga has gained worldwide popularity as a mindful, profoundly meditative practice that typically involves longer holds (~1-5 minutes) in
passive postures, and applies gentle stress to our joint tissues.

What Will We Learn?
• Theory: Fresh teaching paradigm & energetic counterbalance to predominantly “Yang” styles of Yoga (Vinyasa, Power, Ashtanga, etc.).
• Practice: Fundamental Yin Yoga postures, variations, and sequences
• Functional Anatomy: Connective Tissue and our unique Skeletal Variations
• Teaching Skills: Transcending “one-size-fits-all” aesthetics-based instruction
• Mindfulness: Integrating Asana Practice and Meditation

Who Should Take This Training?
• Yoga Teachers seeking practical, more refined teaching skills
• Functional Movement-based Teachers
• Dedicated Yoga Practitioners eager to deepen their personal practice

• Be Yoga Studio – Oslo, Norway

Contact Be Yoga Studio if you have questions about the training or AirBnb recommendation //


When ?
4 days

Level 1: 10-13 August 2024 (Sat-Tues)

08:00 am -04:00 pm 

30 min lunch break

Price ?
Early Bird NOK 5500,- Full payment before 01. March 2024 
Late Bird NOK 6000,- Full payment after 01. March 2024

Teacher ?

Meet David:
A Senior YogaWorks Teacher Trainer, David Kim (E-RYT500) teaches Yin Yoga in the style of his pioneering mentors Paul & Suzee Grilley. His ongoing anatomy studies include cadaver dissections with fascia pioneers Gil Hedley & Tom Myers, and research updates at international Fascia conferences and functional-movement workshops. David’s meditation practice is rooted in the Mindfulness Based Stress
Reduction (MBSR) program. Links:

Deep Space Yin:
Yin for meditation :
Beginners Yin Yoga :

Yin Yoga LEVEL 1, Teacher Training Course Outline:

Day 1:
Morning Session:
• Welcome/Introductions
• What is Yin Yoga?
• Asana Practice: “Yintroduction”

Lunch Break

Afternoon Session:
• History of Yin Yoga
• Function vs. Aesthetics: An Anatomical Approach
• Understanding Tension vs. Compression
• Introduction to Mindfulness-Based Meditation

Day 2:
Morning Session:
• What is Fascia? • Introducing the Myofascial Mandalas
• Defining “Target Areas”
• Asana Practice: Myofascial Target Areas

Lunch Break

Afternoon Session:
• Introducing Functional Joint Segments
• Asanalysis: Assessing Target Areas in Different Bodies
• Introduction to Skeletal Variations
• Mindfulness Meditation – Body Sensation as Anchor

Day 3:
Morning Session:
• Observing Skeletal Variations (continued)
• Different Layers of a Joint
• Theory of Exercise and Role of Stress in Bodily Tissues
• Asana Practice: Yin-Yang and Upper-Body Yin

Lunch Break

Afternoon Session:
• Asanalysis: External Hip Rotation
• Range of Motion Tests + Practice Teach
• Asana Practice: Yin Backbends + Wall Yin
• Mindfulness Meditation: Emotional Tone as Anchor

Day 4:
Morning Session:
• Yin Levels & Basic Sequencing
• Asanalysis: Internal Hip Rotation
• Range of Motion Tests + Practice Teach
• Asana Practice: “Advanced” Yin

Lunch Break

Afternoon Session:
• Asanalysis: Skeletal Variations in Twists
• Final Yin Review: What Have We Learned?
•Mindfulness Meditation: Metta (Loving-Kindness)
• Closing Ceremony

YogaWise Course Overview

What is Yin Yoga?
Yin Yoga is a style of yoga that typically incorporates longer, passive postural holds of several minutes. Bodyweight and gravity apply gentle, sustained stress on jointtissues, eliciting a profound physiological effect that is markedly different from more dynamic (“yang”) styles of yoga.

What Can Yin Yoga Teach Us?
Yin Yoga is an ideal forum to explore both Eastern and Western approaches to the physical and energy bodies. It highlights the uniqueness -- as opposed to standardized “norms” -- of our bodies so that we can better understand our true potential for both movement and mindful body awareness. Yin classes may explore several avenues: stimulating myofascial and/or Chi meridians, laying the groundwork for meditation and mindfulness, down-regulating the nervous system.

How Will Yin Yoga Improve My Teaching Skills?
The Yin approach to anatomy empowers both newer and experienced teachers to move beyond rote verbal cues, by developing a sharper eye for different body types and a more spacious understanding of asana and range of movement. Yin teachers learn how to create a meditative space that coaxes students to see beyond their habitual mental distractions, where most suffering originates.


Yin Yoga is quickly becoming one of the most influential styles of yoga in the world. A much-needed counterbalance to Power or Vinyasa styles, Yin exercises our body and mind through longer, passive postures that apply gentle stress to our joint tissues via bodyweight and gravity.

Yin anatomy combines Eastern and Western perspectives by highlighting the unique potential – rather than standardized “norms” -- of our bodies. This course empowers teachers to move beyond rote verbal cues and aesthetically “pretty” poses, by developing a sharper eye for different body types and a more spacious understanding of asana. We will learn how to develop a meditative classroom space that coaxes students to see beyond their habitual distractions, where most suffering originates.

In this Foundational Course, you will learn:
 Fundamental Yin Yoga Postures, Modifications, and Sequences
 Functional Anatomy Focused on Skeletal Variations, Proportions, and
Connective-Tissue Research
 How To Understand Bodies, Instead of Memorizing Poses

 How To Integrate Mindfulness Into Asana and Meditation
 How To Integrate a Yin Approach Into Yang-style classes 



The YogaWise Yin Yoga Teacher Training LEVEL 2 (20 hours)

Myofascial Meridians & Restoratives

Continuing Yoga Alliance Training RYT

This 20-Hour Continuing Yoga Alliance Training RYT module will introduce the working concept of Myofascial Meridians, and their role in communicating and transmitting stress forces along key longitudinal “tracks” of the body, which directly impact our posture and ease of movement.

We will explore these tracks through the Myofascial-Release technique of ball rolling -- a targeted approach to maintain the suppleness of our connective tissue and prevent fascial adhesions.

Ball-rolling is a particularly effective form of kinesthetic “body-mapping” and self-massage, reinforcing the gentle stimulus cultivated in Yin Yoga. Moving further along the Yin spectrum, this module introduces the fundamental principles and techniques of Restorative Yoga, and its profoundly soothing effect on the Nervous System.

We will practice the skillful implementation of props to completely support and pacify the body, and offer practical examples of how to integrate Restorative postures within the context of a Yin class, while differentiating the respective intentions of each system.
Restoratives are particularly effective for self-practice and private sessions, offering an excellent professional opportunity for teachers to diversify their repertoire.

When ?
15-17 August 2024 (Thurs-Sat)

Thursday 08:00 am - 03:30 pm (30 min lunch)
Friday 08:00 am - 03:30 pm (30 min lunch)
Saturday 08:00 am - 02:30 pm ( 30 min lunch) 

Where ?
Be Yoga Studio, OSLO - Norway

Contact Be Yoga Studio if you have questions about the training or AirBnb recommendation //

Price ?
Early Bird NOK 4300,- full payment before 01.March 2024
Late Bird NOK 4800,- full payment after 01.March 2024

Who is the Teacher for this Program ?

David Kim (E-RYT500) is an international Yin Yoga and Senior YogaWorks Teacher Trainer, who teaches Yin in the style of his primary mentors, Paul & Suzee Grilley.
Anatomy trailblazers Gil Hedley, Thomas Myers, and Robert Schleip have refined David’s embodied roadmap to the human form, while the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program, Sarah Powers’s mindfulness-based teachings, and his personal meditation practice reinforce his connection to yoga’s spiritual dimensions.

Yin Yoga LEVEL 2, Teacher Training Course Outline:


Morning Session
• Welcome Circle + Introductions
• Review: Level 1 Highlights
• Sequencing Strategies for Different Awareness Levels
• Asana Practice: Superficial Front and Back Lines

Lunch Break

Afternoon Session
• Introduction to MyoFascial Meridians: “Anatomy Trains” Concept
• Tension + Compression: What Is Tensegrity?
• Trainspotting: Superficial Front Line + Superficial Back Line
• Stress and Rest: Balancing the Nervous System
• Supported Savasana – A Restorative Approach


Morning Session
• Asanalysis: Observing Qualities of the Superficial Front Line
• Asanalysis: Observing Qualities of the Superficial Back Line
• Can We Train Our Fascia? Fascial Training Methods
• Introduction to Myofascial Self-Massage: Ball-Rolling
• Asana Practice: Yin-Yang and Lateral Line with Ball-Rolling

Lunch Break

Afternoon Session
• Trainspotting: Lateral Line
• Asanalysis: Observing Qualities of the Lateral Line
• Restorative: Twists & Backbends


Morning Session
• Trainspotting: Spiral Line
• Myofascial Self-Massage: Smoothing the Tracks
• Into the Classroom: Creating Meridian-themed Sequence
• Asana Practice: Connecting the Lines

Lunch Break

Afternoon Session
• Restorative Set-ups Review
• Final Yin Review
• Closing Circle

Abstrakt Surface
therese amble_yin yoga_teacher training_yin yogawise.jpeg

Therese Amble

I just loved my Level1 YogaWise Yin teacher training. I learned so much more about our complex body than I expected and David has such soft and fun way of explaining. He really made everything so interesting and left me eager to learn more..
Looking forward to level 2

Lene Nordby_yin yoga teachertraining_yin yogawise.jpeg

Lene Grefsheim Nordby

I loved being a part of The level 1
Yin YogaWise training and I can’t wait to be a part of level 2  David is so calm, he knows so much and he har such an easy way to explain things. Everyone should experience Davids training 

helena stokker_yin yogawise teacher training_yin teacher training_yin yogalærerutdanning_e

Helena Stokker

Thank you again for a fab training!
Learned so much that already have made a difference in my teaching.
Cant wait to join again when you come back David !!

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