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Resting Conversation®

Resting Conversation® is an approach to restorative yoga that centres around rest and deep relaxation as an antidote for our ‘always-on’ and stress-filled lives. It emphasises ‘being’ over ‘doing’ and ‘less’ over ‘more’, focusing on a non woo-woo, sensible way of practising restorative yoga, informed by the psychological science and neuroscience of relaxation and contemplative science.

The Resting Conversation® approach builds awareness of where we hold tension and creates fuller and deeper breaths to soften the tension. Through repeated practice, the intention is for the mind and body to become increasingly adept at accessing this deep relaxation state, so that we can return to it whenever we need to.

Resting Conversation® Level 1 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Resting Conversation® Level 1 50-Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training is suited for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding and experience of restorative yoga. You will learn the fundamental knowledge and skills to create conditions for deep relaxation that help to reduce fatigue, experience ease, and function better physically, mentally, and emotionally.


For yoga practitioners, this training provides insight into the practice of Resting Conversation®. For yoga teachers, it equips you with the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence to begin teaching science-based, sensible restorative yoga.

Completion of Level 1 is a prerequisite for the Level 2 50-hour training. To achieve Resting Conversation® Certified Teacher status, participants must successfully complete Level 1, Level 2 as well as a capstone class. More information on the full certification can be found here. Accredited by the American Yoga Alliance, this training can also be taken as standalone continuing education hours.

Curriculum Overview

  • The anatomy and physiology of stress, trauma, and relaxation as applied to the practice and teaching of restorative yoga

  • Understanding props and working with a variety of props

  • The full prop support set up of the restorative yoga archetype poses included in the Resting Conversation® approach

  • The Resting Conversation® Level 1 principles and art of teaching toolkit, including trauma-informed considerations and physical alignment principles, to teach restorative yoga safely, conscientiously, supportively, and effectively 

  • The Resting Conversation® code of ethics and permission guidelines


The Dates for The Resting Conversation® Teacher Training:

7 days Training 50 Hours

  • Saturday 08. March
    Sunday 09. March
    Monday 10. March
    Tuesday 11. March 2025

(08:00 am -05:00 pm)


Wednesday and Thursday is no training.

  • Friday 14. March
    Saturday 15. March
    Sunday 16. March 2025

(Friday & Saturday: 08:00 am -05:00 pm
Sunday : 08:00 am -06:00 pm)

What to bring

We have all the props for this training
All you need to bring is yourself and your Yogamat.

Ready to secure your spot ?


Deposit: 1500,- to secure your spot

Early bird price until Thursday 9 Jan 2025 (10% off) : NOK 9 990,-

Late Bird after Thursday 09. January
Price : NOK 11 100,-


Be Yoga Studio
Solheimveien 28
1473 Lørenskog
15 min with car from Centrum Oslo
25 min with bus, Sone 1 Visperud bus stop. 


You do not need be a Yoga teacher from before, to take this training. 
But we do advice student to join a 200 hour Teacher Training before.
Check out the YogaWorks Teacher Training starting up August 2024.


Teacher for this training is Jeremy Lim

About Jeremy Lim

Jeremy is a yoga teacher mentor, mental well-being practitioner, and an advocate dedicated to refining the art of living. Yoga has been in Jeremy’s life for close to two decades. He is grateful for the many lessons yoga has taught him about himself and the larger questions about living and existentialism, inspiring tremendous change and growth in his life.

An Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with the American Yoga Alliance, Jeremy has trained directly and extensively with some of the most inspiring international teachers, including Jason Crandell, Jillian Pransky, Judith Lasater, Jivana Heyman, Bo Srey, and Fuyuko Sawamura-Toyota, and continues to receive advanced training under their tutelage. Jeremy’s teaching is ever-evolving and reflects an amalgamation of the invaluable knowledge, tools, and skills his mentors have provided him.

Aside from teaching yoga, Jeremy works in the field of mental health. His elaborate relationship with the mental health and wellness community ranges from clinical psychology practice to lecturing and consultancy work in the field. A firm believer that yoga teachers are at the front-line in modern society’s health, playing a huge role in the community, Jeremy's endeavours focus on leveraging the path of yoga to enhance well-being.

Driven by his passion to curate an experience with enduring benefits for contemporary living, Jeremy created Resting Conversation® and Power & Alignment®. He shares his expertise through transformative teacher trainings and workshops across Europe and Asia. His impactful work has been featured on Yoga International, Omstars, Insight Timer, and major wellness and yoga magazines.

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What Jeremy Students Say

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“Jeremy's Resting Conversation presents a new thinking in restorative yoga. Resting Conversation marries the science and art of the practice so beautifully and purposefully. It's like all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle have fitted to form a complete work. Jeremy's ability to seamlessly weave in psychology into the practice makes it so refreshing. I left the workshop feeling more informed about prop hacks and how the use of language can make a huge difference to my students' experience.”
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