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Workshop med YOGAWORKS Teacher Jenny Aurthur

Dive into this yoga workshop with Jenny Aurthur - and leave with a lot of confidence and a lot of new helpful experience for your own yoga practice and teaching. Everyone is welcome - new and experienced students and teachers of yoga As a Yoga teacher, you will get the hours registred in Yoga Alliance - if you join in for the whole weekend. 26.05.2017 -Friday 17:30 - 20:00 ( 2 1/2 hours ) Hands on Adjustments and the Subtle Art of Touch Learning how to teach with our hands is a fine and subtle art that takes practice and patience. In this workshop we will discuss and learn the variety of ways to “adjust” students with our hands and our voice. Before we put our hands on a person we need to step back and see what the student needs before we impose our own ideas and our will. Every person needs to be seen individually before we try to put them in to the shape we think is best. You will leave with the following tools: • how to look at bodies and see what needs our attention a.k.a. “how to put out fires” • more confidence in the moment • an understanding of the general principles of yoga postures in terms of assisting student • learn how to use your own body as well as props as tools • the power of touch Saturday 27.05.2017 - 09:00 - 11:30 ( 2 1/2 hours ) Yoga with Chairs- Learning how to practice in a new playground After this workshop you will never look at a chair the same way again. In the Iyengar system chairs are used for everything from inversions to backbends to therapeutics. Over many years Jenny has been studying with her teacher, Carrie Owerko, and has integrated the chair into her daily practice. We will play with backbends, forward bends, even arm balances using the chair as a partner and an instructor. From this workshop you will leave with: the fundamentals and value of how to use a chair in a multitude of ways in your practice and in your teaching many ways to modify poses that may otherwise be impossible tools to use in your everyday life, whether on the mat or at work Sunday 28.05.2017 - 11:00 - 13:30 ( 2 1/2 hours ) Almost Summer Backbends As winter transitions into spring our bodies, as well as our minds change dramatically. Just as the spring flower buds begin to open with the sun, our bodies get warmer more easily and it takes less time and external heat to prepare for backbends. Because we don't have to spend as much time warming up we can cut to the chase and use our time playing with a variety of backbends. With intelligent alignment and attention to details Jenny will teach how to do more without pushing. As with any challenging poses, the more we practice them the easier they get. You will leave this workshop: Feeling lighter, taller and more expansive Confidence and ease in poses that may have once been impossible A feeling of energy rather than exhaustion New tools to use in your own home practice and teaching

Price.. Enjoy one day with Jenny : 400,- Enjoy the whole weekend : 1000,- Place..

be yoga ULLERN (Silurveien 2, Oslo - same entrance as Ullern Trening) Book your spot here:

About Jenny : "Yoga is the one pursuit in my life that has remained consistent: the longest relationship I have had with anything. And though it may sound trite, yoga has saved me. Without yoga I am fairly confident that I would have ended up either dead, in a mental institution or incarcerated. I started practicing yoga twenty years ago in Los Angeles. I was stuck in a job I couldn’t stand, in a toxic environment, feeling as if my soul was being crushed daily. I came to yoga as a way to escape this daily torture, and with each yoga class the turmoil of life outside of my practice seemed less and less important. Ultimately, I asked myself why I was escaping through yoga and not escaping to yoga. Two decades later I have the privilege of being a full-time yoga instructor and Yogaworks teacher trainer. I have studied with some of the most incredible teachers working today - Maty Ezraty (founder of YogaWorks), Lisa Walford, Seane Corn, and Carrie Owerko. I have taught yoga to thousands of students and conducted trainings all over world. Most importantly I am able to do what I love everyday." BTW!!!! Jenny is one of 20 Inspirational Yoga Teachers You Need to Follow Read Here:

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