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Handstand Workshop with Yuval Ayalon

Welcome to a Handstand Workshop with one of the worlds most renowned Handstand Teacher <3 Yuval Ayalon For the past 10 years I consider myself a circus artist and performer. In 2005 I joined the cast of Le Reve, a Las Vegas circus spectacle, and have performed more than 3200 shows in a unique and challenging performance environment until completing my contract in September 2013.

After a long lasting gymnastics career, in which I competed in Israel and internationally, I had found a new path and career. It has allowed me to continue a similar lifestyle of professional athlete, only now I express my self on stage as a performer and an artist.

Along the way I have rediscovered a new passion for handstands, and have been committed to become a performing solo artist in this fascinating circus discipline. I have studied immensely and continue to search out the guidance of some of the best teachers and practitioners around the world. During the process of mastering my own practice, I have been continuously sharing my knowledge and teaching handstands to individuals and groups around the world.

So ... I Welcome you to BOTH of my Workshops .... Basics of Handstand: In this basics workshop, I provide the participants a solid base and the tools from which they can take their handstand practice to a higher level safely and efficiently. Some of the topics covered are: physical and technical preparation for handstand, correct handstand alignment, balance strategies, spotting, programing, and more... This workshop is open for any level from beginners to advanced. No pre-requisites.

Intermediate / Advanced: This workshop is intended for people who have already spent a considerable amount of time practicing handstands and can hold a solid handstand for at least 30-60 seconds. Some of the topics covered are: refinement of handstand alignment in different positions, presses and mounts to handstand, handstand cube integration, one arm handstand and more.... The last hour of each day will be assisted self-practice for people to work on their own personal goals. Pre-requisite : to be able to hold a free 30sec HS. Date: 27. and 28 th of January 2018 Time: 09:00 am/16:00 pm ( 1 hour Lunch) Place: be yoga STUDIO Cost: 2 360, Kroner Member: 2 210,- Kroner If you do not think your body will take both of the workshops ... You can book only Advanced ... or only Basic... Check it out here ...

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