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Barsel Yoga / Postnatal Yoga

Barsel Yoga / Postnatal Yoga (The course will be in English) Postnatal Yoga is the perfect way of exercising in a soft manner after birth together with your baby. Main focus of the class will be: - Strengthening the pelvic floor and core, which needs special attention after pregnancy and birth. Furthermore you will learn more about these muscles in general, which are so important in many ways - Giving your neck and shoulder area a bit release. Taking care of your baby often means rounding the upper back (breast-feeding, rocking or carrying the baby, pushing the pram). - Helping to keep a good posture and learn what good posture is! - Pranayama: Breathing exercises to help calming down the mind to get some energy back to take care of your baby And most important: Having a good time together and meet other mums and babies. Most exercises are done without the baby (this is your hour), but the baby will also join in on some of the posture work. Furthermore, the class will end with a little bit of baby Yoga.

Where : Be Yoga Studio

Solheimsveien 28

1473 Lørenskog

Time: 11:30 (75 min)

Price: 1350,- BOOK DEG PÅ HER!!!


Samuel (aka Sam) and Mareike will lead through the class. Assistant teacher Sam has been exposed to Yoga right from the start inside his mum’s belly. Since he was born in December 2016 he has been mastered the child’s pose and does Yoga with mummy every day. His mum, Mareike – the teacher of this course, is a 500h Vinyasa Yoga teacher (RYT American Yoga Alliance) with further education in YinYoga, Personal Yoga, Pre & Postnatal Yoga. However, more important, she knows through her own experience the challenges and struggles women are facing after birth. Together Sam and Mareike are looking forward to see you on the mat. Class will be in English. More information about Mareike:

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