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Olav Sætershagen

We welcome Olav to our Be Yoga Tribe ... You do not want to miss his class ... Its a class were you will float in and out of bliss <3

"I have been on a long journey out in the wildest world and into the depth of myself.

After three years on the road I found a new truth about myself, a deeper understanding of human relationships and I opened up for the beauty of life. First stop was India, we felt in love and Yoga was a big part of it. During my adventures Yoga became an important tool, my best friend and greatest teacher.

My biggest goal is to bring some kind of Yoga into everybody`s life. Be it in a way of looking at life from a different perspective. The importance of maintaining mental, physical and emotional health. Or how to let go and flow with life.

In my classes it is important that everyone can participate, but also get challenged in different ways. After my class you will leave in a state of peace and hopefully learned something new that you can integrate to your life.

Love O`yogi "

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