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Yogalærer Mareike Ernst

Why do you teach Yoga?

Yoga has helped me over the last years in so many ways physically and mentally. I love how asana practice can calm down your mind and bring you back down to earth. It makes your body and mind strong. What you learn on the mat also helps you in your life off the mat. Teaching is another passion in my life. Every student has different challenges and learns in a different way. I enjoy adjusting to different needs in every class – so not only the students are learning. My goal is to find the right method to pass on how Yoga enriched my life. So I feel lucky to be able to teach Yoga and combine two important aspects of my life. Education:

YogaWorks 300h Professional Program (AYA Certified/RYT-500) BALANCE, Oslo (Norway) Yin Yoga (25h, AYA Certified) Power Yoga Germany, Hamburg (Germany) Yoga Personal Training (50h, AYA Certified) Unit Yoga, Hamburg (Germany) Vinyasa Power Yoga (200h, AYA Certified) Unit Yoga, Hamburg (Germany) Pre- & Postnatal Yoga Bliss Baby by Ana Davis, Byron Bay (Australia)

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